If I Were A Flower…

“If I were a flower, then now I would be a bud.
I shall treasure the beginning of my youth without any regrets.
This disease, why did it choose me?
Fate. It can’t be put into words.
I want to make a time machine and go back in time.
If it wasn’t for this disease,
not only I could enjoy falling in love but I also
wouldn’t have to rely on anyone and live by myself.
I really don’t want to say things such as ‘I want to go back to how things were before.’
I recognize how I am right now, and I will continue to live on.
Therefore I definitely won’t run away.
That’s what I’ll do. Definitely, always.
Even if it’s like that, I still want to stay here.
because this is the place where I am.
If you look up at the sky after falling down the blue sky is also today
stretching limitlessly and smiles at me…I’m alive.
People shouldn’t dwell on the past. It’s enough
to try your best in all that you’re doing now.
Reality is too cruel, too brutal.
I don’t even have the right to dream.
As i think about the future, the tears will come out again.”


Itu adalah kutipan dari buku harian Aya (1 litter no namida). semoga bisa jadi motivasi buat kita semua. Um…. ~ I love this note so much XD


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